The concept for Hitum golf…

came from years of listening to the guys on the course saying things like “ how’d you Hitum today” or” Hitum on the short grass” or” Hitum well,” ”Hitum straight if you can” and the most common “ I couldn’t Hitum worth a BLEEP.“

          This what we golfers do we HITUM good, bad, ugly we get addicted to that beautiful shot that we hit just right. The one that flew off the ground and flies high in the air and lands right where you visualized it!

        So I drew up what I see as the impact point and had the computer geeks digitize it so I could embroider it on hats and shirts and share Hitum golf apparel with all. If you study the Hitum golf  logo it is the impact as the club has flex and the broken tee flies up and the ball screams out through the air. It really does show HITUM.

         The goal of Hitum golf apparel is to share this action packed cool and maybe a wee bit different logo with others who love the game of golf. After all, you do have to be a little different to stick with golf!

Owner, Dan Olson
Owner, Dan Olson